COVID-19 and The Podiatry Practices



As restrictions are being eased a review of our policy has occurred. With Covid infecting and hospitalisations numbers reducing things are moving in a positive direction. But Covid 19 still remains a risk, especially to patient with other health issues, we will be continuing with the regime we have put in place to help protect and keep everyone safe.


We are following the guidelines from Public Health England, our professional body the Royal College of Podiatry and the Health Care Professions Council. 


We understand the anxiety some people are feeling but wish to reassure that infection control policies are what we have been used to all our working lives, especially whilst working in high-risk areas such as in University College London and the Royal Marsden.


  • We would kindly ask patients to keep to their appointment times so that you do not need to spend time in the waiting room to support social distancing.
  • Please come unaccompanied unless you require assistance from a carer. If a child, please only one parent attend. 
  • We would ask that you use a face mask/shield whilst in the clinic.
  • Alcohol gel and hand washing facilities will be made available for patients to use.
  • A higher level of personal protection equipment will be used by your podiatrist during these times.


If you have any questions please just call with your enquiries to the Chelsea Practice on 020 7351 4889 or the Welwyn Practice on 01707 377044. We look forward to caring to your podiatry needs.


Stay safe and see you soon.